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Author: xEysil

  • Review Add on: 18/11/2020
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My feedback on these pants: I fit me which I was worried about. I normally wear Tripp nyc baggy pants that are much more loose. That being said I like the slight stretch these have. Makes for a super comfortable feel, the belt loops are bigger to accommodate a wider belt (which is perfect since I make my own paracord belt). I wasn't too sure by the pictures online, which I haven't looked at for some time, but there are zip off pant legs! They are almost thebperfect length which is new for me. My pants are often too long. I don't love these pants, yet. Like I said I'm use to a much baggier pant, but I like them so much that there's not doubt I'll love them in time. All in all, I'd recommend to like minded people and friends. I will be shopping again!

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